The Prenup Problem

March 11th 2017

Check out the first work by Ophelia Gold 'The Prenup Problem'. This witty novel is filled with loveable characters, friendship, laughter and the message that women are capable of anything and don't need to rely on marriage as their only chance of happiness.


Sullen Heights

June 17th 2020

'Sullen Heights' is a novel based in a homeless shelter in London. Throughout the story we meet a variety of guests that stay in the homeless shelter and we come to learn how they got there and how life can turn upside down for anyone. Helena is the manager of Sullen Heights and it's more than just her job to look after everyone; it's turned into her lifestyle. Raw, emotional and moving, we get a glimpse of what it's like to become homeless and how everyone needs hope, no matter how hopeless things seem.


How to keep your woman (The handy guide for men on women)

May 7th 2017

This funny but realistic guide will help all men to better understand their partners and explains what to do (and what not to do) in every vital situation. This is a must have for all men that will surely be carrying this around for years to come. So if it's your boyfriend or husband that you feel needs to understand you better then treat him to his copy -available now on Amazon!


The Book Of Poetry

January 11th 2018

A small collection of love poetry for the broken hearted and for anyone who yearns love or has loved and lost. Only available on Amazon on Kindle/eBook.

Image by Álvaro Serrano

Cupid Romance Lovejoy

December 12th 2020

Cupid is a very busy man, serving love and lust all over the world but what he hates most about his job is - everything.
Cupid like most people hates his mundane job, but the main problem is he himself has never experienced love.
As the supposed ‘God of Love’ he finds it beyond ridiculous that he has no point of reference to it personally and yet he is solely responsible for giving mortals the best feeling in the world - Love.
Jealousy is an understatement, seeing all the couples he creates day in and day out when he himself craves love more than anything. When Cupid decides that enough is enough, he sums up the courage to seek the man upstairs, the big G.O.D himself, to ask if he may have a chance of experiencing love for himself. With God's approval Cupid is given a week off work and is given free reign of New York City to explore people, love and relationships on his own. But what will Cupid find once he is a mortal man?

Cupid Romance Lovejoy eBook 3D mockup co

'An author is nothing without her quill.'

Ophelia Gold